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Monday, 11 January 2010

Gifted and Talented Blog

Long time no blog, I know. Well actually, I have been blogging, just somewhere else. I've been running an experimental after-school club for students identified as G&T in KS3 over the last half-term, and (of course) decided to plan and run the whole thing using a new blog (whose name may seem familiar) at
As ever, it has been really convenient to have all my resources together, all the more so because I am running the club in parallel with a colleague, so it is very convenient to be able to put all our ideas and materials in one place.
Parental involvement (or at least liason) has been high on our list of priorities, so we have contacted everyone involved with the blog address and are trying to encourage them to follow the sessions (lesson plans are on the blog as well as materials) and have a go at some of the activities themselves. I'll find out next week how many had a go at "Einstein's problem" over Christmas.
So far we have looked at values, and logical and lateral thinking, and our next session will be Russian/Japanese tasters. After that I plan to get students establishing their own blogs, and practising how to use online networks and communities to further their interests and learning.

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