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Thursday, 8 January 2009

A New Year's Resolution

10 IWB Lesson Ideas Presentation

Have you made a resolution to start using that expensive gym membership you paid for, or to get going on the rowing machine you coughed up for but only use twice a year? No? Well in that case spare a thought for your poor IWB. Are you just using it as a projector for PowerPoints, or only using it on a Friday afternoon to go on a language-learning website? There are so many really quick and easy ways of creating your own flipcharts it needn't be too time-consuming (less so than going to the gym, definitely).

Have alook at the two documents here in scribd (you can search for my documents in scribd under the name Magpie41). The Word document gives an IWB lesson idea a week for ten weeks, and the PowerPoint shows you what your flipcharts might look like. I'd like to thank Lesley Welsh for her inspirational presentation on using IWBs at this year's Isle of Wight Conference, particularly for mix, match and memorize and 9 lives (my names but her ideas). You are free to download my PowerPoint and chunk it down into your own IWB software.

So resolve to give your creativity a work-out this Year! If you need a second resolution, incidentally, I'd recommend sharing with your department and dividing up the work so between you it is a manageable job to update your Schemes of Work by including original, bespoke whiteboard materials. Enjoy!

10 Lesson Ideas for IWB

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